Code of Conduct

All registered students of CA, ACCA and CAT, are ethically and morally liable to observe and abide by all rules, regulations, procedures and conducts, prescribed by all governing bodies, as well as, the administration of al-Hamd Academy, in the best interest of themselves and concerned bodies as well.

If anyone is found guilty of misconduct, irregularities, misbehavior, or any activity indulged in, which is detrimental to the concerned bodies and himself, a disciplinary committee shall take action against him, which may lead to certain sum of fine or rustication or blacklisting from the program or the institution.

The disciplinary committee comprises of following personnel:

  Principal/Director   Director Admin   Faculty Member   Mgr Students’ Admin

General Code of Conduct for CA, ACCA & FIA Students

Keeping in view your objective to become a qualified Accounting i.e. CA or Chartered Accountant, we would stress on you to follow the code of could that is much expected from a true professional in his practical life.

  Punctuality------reach before class time, considering the traffic jam and road conditions.
  Bring required Books and Stationery.
  Make proper Notes during and after the class.
  Minimum 80% Attendance------ your single absent would send you at least a week back in the class, therefore, to keep strict control on attendance, our policy will be to call student’s explanation duly signed by their parents, if he/she remains absents for three days in a row or having irregular attendance record.
  Maintain high quality Decency in general, and specially while interacting with colleagues, faculty and any staff members.
  All students must wear AL-hamd’s Registration Cards as it has becomes compulsory in all organization for security reasons.   it has been observed in the past sessions that students have a casual attitude towards the Notice Board which contains time table and other miss out important information.
  Do not throw empty supari/gum sachet, pen refills, paper pieces, or other rubbish on the floor. Do not become a litterbug, use waste paper baskets.
  Remember “Courtesy Begets Courtesy”.
  Do not paint, imprint or write on chair, tablets, walls, table tops, or other surfaces not intended for such purposes.
  Do not shout, make loud noises individually or collectively, engage in wrestling matches, name calling, use of foul/derisive language or any other unprofessional conduct disturbance in or outside the class room.
  Use clear and correct expressions when asking questions one at a time.
  Do not be curt, abrupt or in any way show an attitude unbecoming of a professional.
  Do not use library for chat or meetings, observe library rules and maintain silence. The library is only for Reference purposes and not for issue of books.
  Do not crowd around the reception area or barge in the offices without knocking or prior informal appointment.


Any kind of loss/ damage made by the students(s), will be recovered by the Al-hamd’s Management after making full inquiry by the concerned Committee, from the student(s). Student may be Debarred or Rusticated from the Academy.