ACCA - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK)

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Duration:  3 Year Course  |  Intake: Jan, Mar, Jul & Oct  |  Eligibility: Matric - Graduate & O/A Level

AFD - ACCA Foundation Diploma

ACCA Foundation Diploma is a suite of awards that employers can use to provide employees with a grounding in accounting and finance.

The qualifications can be used to develop recruits from secondary schools or to encourage those already working in accounts support roles to obtain formal recognition of their abilities. There are no formal entry requirements.

As Foundations in Accountancy consists of a suite of awards you can pick the qualification which is best matched to the job role and educational achievements of individual employees:

  Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting = two exams and a professionalism and ethics module
  Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting = two exams and a professionalism and ethics module
  Diploma in Accounting and Business = three exams and a professionalism and ethics module
  ACCA Foundation Diploma (AFD) = all of the above exams, plus two further exams, a professionalism and ethics module and one year’s relevant practical experience
  Certificates in Auditing, Taxation and Financial Management = an individual certificate plus a professionalism and ethics module.

The AFD or Diploma in Accounting and Business offer a route into the ACCA Qualification, providing you with a development path for employees with high potential.

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Entry Route – ACCA Foundation Diploma (AFD)

ACCA - Course Details

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) was founded in 1904 and is now one of the largest professional accountancy body recognized internationally with over 486,000 students and 198,000 members operating in 181 countries.

Consequently, graduates of the ACCA, with the relevant approved practical experiences, can act as public accountants, both locally & internationally. ACCA is a professional accountancy qualification that benefits from Global recognition.

Once you qualify, ACCA Membership opens doors to a successful career in Accountancy practice or Finance, and immediately increases your earning potential. It is very highly rated in the fields of Banking, Management and Consulting. With ACCA, students have an opportunity to get B.Sc (Hons.) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University & M.Sc from University of London.

Why ACCA Qualification?

ACCA Qualification designed to develop vital accounting knowledge, skills and professional values. It creates professional accountants who build successful careers across all employment sectors & maximize the capability of finance departments and senior management teams. ACCA qualification develops the strategic & forward-thinking professional accountants which world needed.

Accountancy is a dynamic profession. Both the needs of employers and the regulatory landscape are constantly evolving.

Through regular reviews of its qualification, ACCA maintains and develops its position as a world-leading provider of qualifications for the development of accountants and finance professionals.

ACCA Qualification Details

To qualify as an ACCA member, an individual getting registration is on the ACCA Qualification is required to complete:

  14 Exams (nine of which can be exempted).
  Relevant practical experience, with a minimum of three years.
  An online Professional Ethics module.